Thursday, September 2, 2010

New scenes in avatar extended edition

    James Cameroon's extended edition of Avatar fills in a few blanks in the earlier story. Here are the new scenes in avatar extended edition (in order):
  • Grace's destroyed school for the Naavi people. The school doors are ridden with bullet holes indicating a violent end. Finally some justification and the history for hype surrounding Grace Augustine.
  • Some new animals during the initial exploration of Pandora. Nothing you will miss.
  • Explanation about floating mountains of Hallelujah. Apparently it is due to large deposits of UnObtanium that acts as a superconductor.
  • Extended scene depicting dinner during Jake's first night with the Naavi people.
  • A hunting scene where in Jake Scully learns the ropes of being a Naavi hunter. Looks great on 3D.
  • I also get the feeling that the sex scene between Jake and Neytiri is a bit longer and wierder!
  • Another extension explains the anger and ferocity with which the humans attack Home Tree. This shows the Naavi retaliating for the destruction of Tree of Voices by killing a few soldiers and Parker ( The Company Man in Pandora) using this to justify killing of the Naavi and giving the go ahead to the eager Colonel Miles. Not sure why this scene was removed from the original in the first place.
  • The original picture shows Tsutey plunging to his death after being shot during the final battle with humans. This edition shows him landing on the forest floor in a fatal condition.
  • At the end of the final battle, a near death Tsutey proclaims Jake Scully the leader of the Naavi people after expressing his pride at having fought beside the Turukmakto. He asks Jake to give him a warrior's death by being his last shadow. One more Naavi custom to the fore.
    Some more tidbits in a great saga. Definitely worth watching if you are an avatar fan like me. Corollary holds true as well...


Anonymous said...

yup...worth watching for sure!!!

Taong Gagamba said...

"A hunting scene where in Jake Scully learns the ropes of being a Naavi hunter. Looks great on 3D."

How can thta extended scene look good on 3D? Is there an extended 3D available???